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I spent the sunshine days of youth in the basement of my parents’ house with an ancient typewriter, waiting for the bell and hitting the return bar, winding the ribbon, turning out pages of… I don’t know what. Writers write because we must. We can’t help it.

The children’s department of our town library offered a summer course in publishing a book, and I’m pleased to say How To Annoy Your Brothers was so expertly researched it won a gold seal from the library staff before being laminated. In print, at last, approximately 1986.

That early success led to a stint on the high school newspaper staff, a turn as a columnist for my college newspaper, and a year with the medical school yearbook (our only publication!).

In my non-school, non-laminated career, I have written and edited for several publications focused on explaining and spreading research information. I write stories about medicine that have found homes in a range of publications.

I also write children’s literature, with help from the SCBWI community and the incredible friends in my critique circles. There’s a lot of overlap between explaining science and writing picture books. Only when the reader thinks: Well I could have done that! have I really succeeded as a writer.