Picture books and flannel sheets

After a delightful second summer, it’s fully autumn here. The leaves have declared the change, the weather has turned for good. Hats and fleeces have sprouted.

We spent 2 hours at the library on Sunday. It was too chilly and gray to do much outdoors, and huge puddles of standing water from a Saturday downpour meant even a walk in the neighborhood was out of the question. We called some friends and met them for a long lazy read. Two hours at the library is indulgent in summer, when we can hardly bear to be inside that long when the days are long, the water calls, the sun grins. But now:

Time to cozy up, thaw the fingers and get creative. Get inspired. Read all you want, there’s nothing better to do. Go home and have some soup.

It’s writing season.

Author: Kate Rowland

I'm a normal human kidlit writer.