Halloweensie challenge

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Having mentioned my affection for the creative empowerment offered by contests, here’s my take on Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie challenge.

Characters and a story arc in 100 words or less- and 3 of the words must be shadow, candy corn*, and monster.

*Counted here as a single word, gratefully!


Moving Day

Was the house haunted? Allison didn’t know.

The house loomed dark, sticks clattering like spilled candy corn in the broken driveway, cracked windows rattling, abandoned furniture casting shadows. A monster oak, long dead, hulked in the front yard.

Everyone had heard the stories. A family met its end in the house. An old lady spent years there waiting to die. A dog dragged home a human hand. No one knew what was really true.

Tonight was Halloween. Time to put an end to the rumors, Allison thought, gliding through the front door, a cold silver wind trailing behind her.

Author: Kate Rowland

I'm a normal human kidlit writer.

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